Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Real Time Update (11/3/10)

[EOD] Click here for the EOD update.

[221pm] update (ES, DX)-

[1220pm] USD update (DX)-

[1205pm] Squiggle update(ES) -
A nice downward flat in ES and the larger counts on SPX.

[1046am] Squiggle update(ES) -
A follow up to the [8am] entry...
[8am] Overnight Stocks (ES) -
[745am] Overnight FX (DX and AUDJPY) -
The DX chart updates the one posted last night. The proposed ED leg of a second wave pullback (bullish) is still tracking. Another moment of truth approaching.

The proposed wedge on the AUDJPY is also tracking so far unless it turns into something else such as a 3 of 3. If the wedge plays out, its implication is that at least a local high in SPX is in sight.

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