Friday, November 12, 2010

Real Time Update (11/12/10)

[310pm] Gold update -
Gold appears to have completed as zigzag decline - could be part or whole of the pullback. We'll see. Leave room for an extended fifth wave with the current pullback being wave ii. See charts.
[111pm]Structure of the decline in the futures - a potential triple three
For the structure of the decline in the cash indexes, see the Wilshire 5000 count [1235pm].
[1235pm]Squiggle update (WLSH)-
As a follow up to the squiggle count on the Wilshire 5000 - approaching equality on a potential zigzag.
Divergence between ES and YM - ES breached its overnight low before rebounding. YM did not before rebounding around 1235pm.

[1040am]Squiggle count update (YM, ES)-

[750am]Overnight Gold -
The current pullback is wave iv of (v) of [iii] of 5 based on the primary count.

[730am] Overnight FX -
DX - A completed five-up in from its low.
EUR/USD - A completed five-down from its high.
AUD/JPY - A final advance to produce an overthrow by the proposed ED?
[720am] Overnight stocks -
A completed double three in YM. And a completed zigzag in ES. It could be parts or the whole of the corrective structure.

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