Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Real Time Update (11/10/10)

[EOD] Click here for the EOD update.

[210pm]Squiggle update (SPX) -
The blue count shows the best bullish count I can come up with (other than a perpetual ladder of 1s2s). The red count shows the bearish count with today's rebound as a b-wave of uncertain degree at the moment.

[1215pm]USD update (DX, EURUSD) -
The first moment of truth for DX - whether it is a triangle wave (4) or something else.
The first moment of truth of EURUSD - whether it is a flat or a trend change
[12pm] Count update (SPX,YM, AUDJPY) -
The proposed wedge is still tracking the subdivisions in AUDJPY.
[750am] Overnight update (YM) -
Awaiting the release of the weekly initial jobless claim numbers.

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