Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Real Time Update (10/5/10)

[EOD Update] Click here for the EOD update.

[150PM] Squiggle count update (ES and YM) -
[107PM] Potential wedge alert (YM) -
[1250PM] Count update (SPX) -
From the least bullish (blue), to ED lovers choice (orange), to the most bullish (green).

[1126am] Projections (ES) -

Assuming the 1127 low in ES(dec) is the end of wave (iv). (v)=(i) at 1151.25 or 1162.25; (v)=1.618(i) at 1166.25 or 1184. The current high is at 1153.50.

The cash index SPX is about 4.25/4.50 points higher than the e-mini.

[11am] Bullish squiggles (ES and YM) -
[10am] RUT update -
RUT is behaving visibly weaker.
[815am / 831am] Overnight update (ES) -
[810AM] Gold update -
Gold anyone? Will the proposed (v) of[v] extend?
[8AM] Interest Rates update -
Funny business in rates ever since the QE-2 lite announcement.

[745AM] Currency update -
New low in the USD index, the revised count now channels better with the final fifth wave in progress. The less bullish count for the Euro (red)also has the final fifth wave in progress.
Funny business in the USD/JPY cross ever since the initial intervention. AUD/JPY broke the 9/23/10 pivot, will SPX follow?

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