Monday, October 4, 2010

Real Time Update (10/4/10)

[EOD update] click here for the EOD update.

[254PM] A gentle alert from EWP ? -
Bears would have something to look forward to, at least for the near term, if this squiggle lower low in INDU (uncomfirmed by other indices)is authentic. FYI, three sources (1 public, 2 subscription based) say the lower low is there. Could use additional confirmation.

[1247PM] Squiggle update (ES)-

[1143AM] Larger Picture Count update (SPX and COMPQ)-
If the top is in, we should know real soon.
If the top is not in, refer to the orange and the green count in SPX. But the wave structure in COMPQ favors the supper bullish (green) or super bearish count (red). Bull/Bear trap - which one?
[1130AM] Count update (COMPQ)-
Looks decent for a zigzag correction for the moment.

[1122AM] Count update (SPX+ES) -
[955AM] Count update (SPX+ES) -
[7AM] Overnight update (ES) -
Looks like an incomplete zigzag down from the top at the moment.
[Sunday 1007PM] Futures update (ES) -
Bullish count (green) and bearish count (red). Please see A Potential Top (10/1/10) for details.

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