Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real Time Update (10/13/10)

[EOD] Click here for the EOD update.

[230pm]Count update (ES) -
[1230pm] Interest Rates (TNX) -
Bonds are selling the news. USD and stocks are likely to follow.

[1116am] Count update (SPX)-

The zigzag count (see yesterday's EOD update) is looking even better given today's movement. ED is still valid but is getting close to be rejected.

[1109am] Squiggle update (ES)-
[11am] *** NDX exceeds its April high ***
[10am] USD update -

[940am] Squiggles (ES) - [945am] Squiggles (SPX) -

[735am] Overnight update (YM + EX) -
Expect the up gap in stocks at the open to be filled sooner rather than later. A five down in DX, may or may not extend.

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