Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Real Time Update (9/28/10)

[EOD Update] Click here for the EOD update.

[343PM] Higher high in RUT -
The other indices will likely follow.

[244PM] Squiggle update (INDU) -
[232PM] Squiggle update (INDU) -
[1155AM] A five up (SPX)-
[1035AM] Squiggle update(SPX)-
A budding five.

[1008AM] Count update (ES)- [1020AM] SPX-

[951AM] Count update (ES and SPX)-
The observations in the 740AM entry and last night apply, now even with an additional wave down. Note the similarity between the two declines in ES as indicated by the arrows. The Sept 23 low is a critical level.

[827AM] Euro -
[815AM] Gold -

[740AM] Overnight update (ES) -
The pullback has reached about a 0.618 retrace at the overnight low, has a decent text-book feel to it. In terms of the wave structure, it appears to be double-zigzag = [X] = zizzag or LD = [X] = sizzag to the overnight low.

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