Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Real Time Update (9/22/10)

[EOD update] Click here for the EOD update.

[155PM] count update (ES -)

It's difficult to count an LD in the ES, although it is plausible in the cash index. Odds favor this pullback being a fourth wave. If the market has topped, it is at best a nested 1s2s.

The Dow is relatively strong today. Note that the Dow did not make a lower low around the 1PM low.

[1111AM] SPX count update -
This is what the [1107AM] entry is referring to.
[1107AM] SPX and ES count update -
4th wave on track.
[1032AM] RUT update -

[1006AM] Squiggle update (ES)-
Better labeling regarding degree in the second chart (1011AM)
[937AM] ES update
How about this triangle?
[926AM] ES update

[758AM] Overnight update (USD Index) There is a chance that USD index has bottomed per one of the following count. Time will tell.

[750AM] Overnight update (ES)

Lower low overnight. Either an expanding triangle wave iv has ended per the blue count OR a combo (or expanded flat) to lower lows per the green count (with target around the 1118 area). See yesterday's EOD update for the larger picture count.

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