Thursday, September 2, 2010

Real Time Update (9/2/10)

[EOD update] Click for EOD update here.

[227PM] SPX cash index follow up -

[125PM] SPX cash index update-

[1130AM]The larger picture -

[1109AM] SPX cash index update -

[954AM]SPX cash index squiggle update -

[9AM] Carry funding update -
JPY/AUD vs SPX/mini(ES) - The light green line is SP e-mini. The bars are JPY/AUD.

  id=[840] Post-number squiggle close up -

[720AM]Overnight update (ES)-
The squiggle labels on the e-mini chart at he right are now in sync with those on the cash index chart. (

Be aware of the upside potential (

Expect the this leg of advance to end this morning. The subsequent pullback will tell us whether the top is [ii]-up, (i) of [c] of 2-up, or (w) of [ii]-up. Most likely, the market will sell into tomorrow's job report.

Fib targets on the e-mini are 1089.50/1089.75 (v=ix0.618), 1097.75(v=i).

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