Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Real Time Update (9/14/10)

[EOD update] Clear here for EOD update.

[306PM] SPX squiggle update - look familiar?
[320PM] turns out to be a potential expanded flat.

[232PM] SPX squiggles-
[153PM] SPX squiggles-

[130PM] The larger picture (ES)-
[1PM] SPX squiggles-
Either topped or is ready to extend - fifth waves are tricky

[1211PM]SPX squiggles -
[1144AM]carry funding divergence -

[1115AM]Count update -
The overall structure on the ES (left chart), and a text-book style advance on the squiggles of SP500 cash (right chart).
[1040AM] RUT -
Still easy to be long than short, but these charts on the RUT are interesting from a bearish perspective.

[10AM] Count udpate(ES) -
Assuming it's iv whose low is in at 1110.25, targets for v are 1126.25 and 1136.25 on ESZ0. Note that the June and August highs in ESZ0 are 1122.75 and 1122 respectively.

[835AM] Post number update (ES) -
Fifth waves (if this is one) can be tricky - can truncate and extend.

[715AM] Overnight update (ES) -
Moment of truth - either topped (green) or one more push higher (blue wave v). See yesterday's EOD update for details.

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