Monday, September 13, 2010

Real Time Update (9/13/10)

[EOD update] Click for EOD update here.

[255PM]Squiggle update (ES) -
If there's additional upside potential per the bullish count (green), the prior gap is likely to be filled. The [1] & [2] in the chart can also be [W] & [X].

[250PM]Squiggle update (SPX) -

[111PM]Squiggle update (SPX) -

[1230PM]Squiggle update (ES)-
See earlier entries for context.

[1121AM] Bearish count update (ES) -
The same double three structure can apply to SPX cash - a matter of degree. A larger degree count is shown in ES. Also see 1110AM update.

[1110AM] Bearish count update (SPX) -
A potential double three. (See earlier entries for bullish counts).

[953AM]Squiggle update (ES) - [11AM] Squiggle update (ES)-
(red/blue) a potential ED within an ED for the bearish count(s)
(green/blue) a potential expanded flat retrace in progress

[720AM] Overnight update (ES)-
(red) For the most bearish count (ED) to work, the ESZ0 needs stay below 1120.75/1121.25.
(blue) A regular five from the late August low is about done.
(green) Currently at (i) of [c]-up

[855PM Sunday] Futures update (ES)
Please see Moment of Truth (9/10/10) for a detailed discussion.
Shy of a potential squiggle high to finish this segment.

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