Thursday, September 30, 2010

Real Time Update (9/30/10)

[EOD Update] Click here for the EOD update.

[112PM] The dollar likely needs one more low (DX) -
[108PM] The larger picture (SPX) -
The top-in and top-not-in counts below map into COMPQ and RUT well. Let's see which one plays out.
[1142AM & 1150AM] Count update(ES and SPX) -
The red count shows the top is in.
The green count shows probably the only way for higher highs.
The green ii is the invalidation / confirmation point.

[1115AM &1117AM] Count update(SPX) -
[11AM] Count update(ES) -
likely, wave iv of (v) in progress or the top is in
[1015AM] Squiggle count update (ES) -

[928AM] Squiggles(ES/SPX and TF/RUT) -
TF(Dec RUT) has reached 0.618 of the proposed iii of (v). The near term bullish (blue) and bearish (red) squiggle counts for ES are shown in this chart.

[840AM] Overnight update (ES/SPX and TF/RUT) -

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